Knowing Your Neighbors: Aerostich Equipment for Riders

A motorbike gear manufacturing company in West Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.- The motorbike community is a tight knit group of people. It’s not uncommon for riders to wave when passing each other driving down the road. But safety is the number one concern for many members of this family, including one company whose gear is globally known for being some of the best around.

Aerostich has been in West Duluth for 35 years, but started as a small operation. Manufacturing, shipping, offices and even the lunchroom were all located on the second floor of the location’s three story building.

Lynn Wisniski, a 28-year employee of Aerostich and company C.O.O., watched the company grow before her eyes, however. Much like many of the long term employees there.

“Now the cutting department and offices are on the third floor, the manufacturing is on second, and first floor is customer service and the retail.”

Owner Andy Goldfine founded Aerostich with the purpose of wanting protective motorcycle gear that would still allow him to dress for work. And so, the company’s most famous product was born.

The Roadcrafter one piece suit comes in various sizes and can be customized to order and made at the location.

“It still is the main product line that we manufacture here and that really is what we’re primarily known for.”

But they have more than just motorbike gear for sale. Between online, retail , and their nationwide pop-up shops, Aerostich sells everything from helmets to hiking and camping gear.

“It’s a natural crossover from motorcycles to backpacking or hiking because it is high quality, light weight, very functional, usually multi-functional.”

Because everything for the company is done at a single location, Aerostich offers tours of the building and process, from work orders to cutting, building their gear before shipment.

“For factory tours, to the riders who show up, it’s a little like Disney Land for them, but also seeing manufacturing is kind of unique now.”

Almost every garment sold is hand sewn by employees. This allows for easier alterations and fixes if anything were to happen to the suits. Aerostich is so confident in the products, however, they have a wall on display of suits that saved riders in motorcycle accidents, known as ‘The Crasher Wall.’

They also have a ride-more guarantee, stating that if you buy a suit and in 30 days you don’t find yourself riding more because of the convenience and versatility of it, you can send the suit back for a full refund.

For more information on Aerostich, its products or its history, call 800.222.1994visit 8 S 18th Ave W. Duluth, MN, US 55806, or find their website here.

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