Cloquet Mends Ordinance for Strays

The city of Cloquet was in contract with Animal Allies since April.

CLOQUET, Minn. – Weeks after the Friends of Animals Shelter in Cloquet closed its doors, the city says it doesn’t want to deal with the strays anymore.

After a city council meeting Tuesday night, city leaders decided to end their contract agreement with Animal Allies in Duluth, where they had been sending the strays.

Now the council hopes that a different option will reunite strays with their owners.

Animals Allies offered to extend its contract with the city until the end of the year.

But the city would be responsible for an administrative fee and the cost for each animal.

The city of Cloquet was in contract with Animal Allies since April.

City Administrator Aaron Reeves says only 15 cats were brought in since then.

The City Council has decided to mend its ordinance for now and will eliminate the prohibition on strays with the exception of strays that are dangerous or a nuisance.

“If we have a stray that we’re notified of we’re going to try to use the chip reader for it, try identify the owner,” said Reeves. “We’re going to post it on social media sites and just try to get it back to the owner quickly, that’s honestly been very successful.”

In the fall the city plans to offer a two day chipping clinic with Animal Allies.

Pet owners anywhere in the county can bring in their pet and the city will pay to have them chipped or get a name tag.

City leaders believe this is the most cost effective action to take.

But a long term goal is to have a location in town where residents can bring in stray animals.

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