Duluth International Airport Receives Grant to Finish Runway Restoration

The airport will receive $8.6 million to complete the main runway in 2019

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth International Airport recently got an $8.6 million grant that will be used to complete their runway restoration.

The final two thousand feet of the main runway will now be complete in 2019.

The $40 million restoration project has upgraded the entire runway over the last several years.

Airport officials say there is no more important infrastructure than their runway.

“As excited as we are to have a relatively new terminal and other things that the public sees and enjoys on a regular basis, the runway is the backbone of our infrastructure. If we don’t have a runway, certainly one that is safe, it really erodes confidence for the general public flying in and out of here,” said Duluth Airport Authority Executive Director Tom Werner.

“We always like to say if you’re thinking about the infrastructure that you’re landing on, we aren’t doing our job and so it’s important that be up to date and safe and secure and runway projects like that, make sure that happens for years to come,” added Werner.

They’d like to improve other infrastructure soon like their parallel taxi way to the main runway and their aging air traffic control tower.

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