Duluth Neighbors Get Louder and Creative About Crumbling Street

The Olson's used parts of their vehicle that broke off while driving to attach to the signs.

DULUTH, Minn. – Some Duluth homeowners are getting creative and even comical about their city street, which they say has been falling apart for years and not getting the attention they need.

Jeannette and Dale Olson have lived on Thurber Road for 30 years, but they said the road conditions have gotten worse over the past decade. They said they’ve filed complaints and reached out to the city, but no progress has been made. A Sunday gathering with their neighbors sparked an idea of a new way to get their attention.

“We should take some of those parts and put signs up and put them on the road and draw attention to the damage that this road is doing,” Jeannette said.

Jeannette believes the humorous signs will finally get the attention the road needs.

“A way to get people to stand up and pay attention is use humor. Everyone loves humor, at least most people, and if you can get to them through humor, it kind of softens the blow of the message, and maybe more people will listen and realize that this is a huge safety issue that when you’re breaking car parts…that it is a safety issue.”

Mayor Emily Larson’s office released the following statement to Fox 21:

“The City will continue to conduct general maintenance and patching of Thurber Road. This is an example of a road that could benefit from a  0.5 % Transportation Sales Tax program, a proposal that would provide a stable source of funding. Mayor Larson and City officials will advocate hard for this sales tax again in the next legislative session and ask the legislature to fulfill the will of the Duluth residents.”

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