School Board Chairman says November Referendum Vote is Crucial

The vote happens on November 6th.

DULUTH, Minn.- A three question levy referendum is in place that would add both teachers and new technology to the Duluth school district if approved by voters in November.

The School Board Chairman calls this vote crucial.

If passed question one would renew the current ten-year operating levy without increasing property taxes.

The second question would add 25 teachers to help manage class sizes, increasing taxes on an average 150 thousand dollar home by nearly $9 a month.

Question three would provide technology devices, upping taxes to around 5 dollars on the average Duluth home. If these do not pass it could potentially lead to teacher cuts.

“I think it’s important and necessary if Duluth wants to support it’s public school to the degree the community does want to do that,” School Board Chair David Kirby said.

The vote happens on November 6th. If levy one does not pass, two, and three automatically fail.

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