What Are You Going to Do With All That Poo?

Animal Allies Humane Society is Looking for Community Input and Ideas When it Comes to Composting Animal Waste

DULUTH, Minn. – With the power of reasoning and a grant from the Northland Foundation, Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth could soon become more sustainable.

Youth allies with the shelter recently noticed a big problem, and now, they’re looking to spread the news when it comes to composting “number two.”

“They saw a problem and we decided that we were going to look for a solution for us at the shelter,” said Shawna Weaver, Human Education Manager at Animal Allies.

From summer camps to frequent visits, youth allies at the shelter are looking to make the world a cleaner place.

“It amazes me how kids are always the ones who realize something that should be obvious to all of us,” said Weaver. “A little bit everywhere goes a long way.”

Staff at Animal Allies is now looking to spread the news about poo with the community.

“When we talk about composting waste, usually we think about what comes out of our kitchens and what’s growing in our gardens,” said Weaver.

As Weaver suggests, it’s a simple solution that could eventually yield large environmental effects.

“If several of us around the city start figuring out a way to do it then we can spread the news to our neighbors, we can help each other, just like we compost everything else,” said Weaver.

After purchasing a pet waste compost device, owners simply dig a hole and cover the contraption with dirt, leaving the lid exposed.

“We are just showing one of the compost systems that you can buy online, there are several different brands,” said Weaver.

Waste is then tossed into the system along with a chemical tablet to help dissolve the doo doo.

Weaver says the system will cost you around $40 dollars. A small initial cost without the use of plastic bags.

“You can put it in decorative spaces, on grass in general, it’s totally fine for your yard,” said Weaver.

Weaver says once Animal Allies collects community input and try out different compost systems, they will then implement the best one that works for their facility.

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