Grant for Nurses in Training at St. Scholastica

Federal Grant Announced for Undergraduate Nurses

Duluth, Minn.- The Undergraduate School of Nursing at St. Scholastica was given a big gift. A nearly $3 million grant from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The funding is meant to advance the college’s shifting focus to more quality care in rural and under-served areas.

School officials say that fostering nurses to have broader, more intimate techniques in these areas is just what the doctor ordered.

“Healthcare is really a continuum, it;’s not just about treating the disease, it’s about treating the patient,” said Christopher Kemnitz, Interim Co-Chair for the Graduate Nursing School. “We can’t just put people into facilities, we wanna keep people at home.”

St. Scholastica partnered with Essentia Health for the initiative. It was launched in response to the shortage of Advanced Practice Registered nurses and physicians in Rural Minnesota.

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