Glensheen Gardens Give for 12 Years

Vegetable Gardens Celebrate 12 Years with Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank

DULUTH, Minn.- Since 2006, the Glensheen Vegetable Gardens have donated over 2,000 pounds of produce a year to the Second Harvest Food Bank, helping make over 10,000 meals for those in need.

And this September, everyone can see what the gardens have to offer at their weekly Chef in the Garden show. Audiences will watch a Blackwoods chef in the gardens, preparing meals made totally of garden items.

“This gives the gardens an opportunity to really shine and for folks to really learn about what we’re doing,”said Jane Pederson, Marketing Manager. “And how we our connected to the lake and how that affects the food that we eat out of the gardens.”

Pederson definitely feels connected to the gardens, as one of her favorite break-time activities is sneaking in some Raspberry-picking with her co-workers.

If you attend Chef in the Gardens, don’t worry,  you too can eat some of the food. There will be samples at the end of each show.

The Glensheen mansion has been in Duluth for over a hundred years, and food from the gardens made the mansion self–sustainable for the Congdon family that once lived there.

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