Pruitt Center Hopes to Better UWS Mental Health

New Mindfulness and Wellbeing Center Opens at University of Wisconsin-Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis.- As fun as college may be, those 4 years are no walk in the park.

A 2016 UCLA study found that in over 100 different institutions, 33% of students had considered suicide in college, due to stress.

Today, the University of Wisconsin-Superior opened up a safe place for stressed students to go.

Different faculty, staff and members of the community surrounding the university made up the crowd hailing the opening of the Pruitt center for Mindfulness and Well-being.

This endeavor was largely made possible by the endowment of the Pruitt couple, and it’s named in their honor.

“We’re delighted to have the Pruitt Center open and functioning, and we saw an example of what it can do today,” said Becky Pruitt, referring to the large crowd all gathered together in their celebration of the opening.

The space is filled with comfortable chairs, meditation guides, wellness magazines and books, and calming quotes adorning the walls.

It’s a project that started as an idea five years ago. And it’s not just for students, but faculty, staff, and soon for the rest of the community.

It comes, organizers say, at a pivotal time.

“In today’s society there’s a lot of stress, y’know, and busyness,” said Randy Barker, Interim Director for Mindfulness and Well-being.

This department doesn’t separate home and work. They practice what they preach, seeing how healthy mindfulness techniques impact their lives.

“It helps me, y’know, by just centering me and reducing my stress. It allows me to be more creative and productive. Y’know, a better spouse, a better father,” said Barker.

The Mindfulness and Well-being Department says that they really want to focus on explaining the science of mindfulness, as well as aiding professional and personal learning projects.

They add that sometimes, all it takes is a little help from a good place, to help someone live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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