Knowing Your Neighbors: Once Upon A Child

Families can buy or sell gently used children's clothes, making it a quick one-stop-shop for a lower price.

DULUTH, Minn. – With school almost back in session and cooler temperatures right around the corner, many families are busy finding clothes for their children. One newer, local second-hand clothing shop is working to meet that need.

Once Upon A Child opened in December in Duluth, and works to sell gently used, name brand children’s clothing at a lower price. Emily Austin and her husband Zach opened the store, looking to meet a need in the community.

“We want to keep your kids warm, we want to save you money, and we want to get cash back in the community’s pocket,” Emily Austin said.

They buy and sell children’s coats, boots, hats, toys books and more throughout the community. Families who come to the store, whether to buy or sell, are very pleased with the items that they found.

“The first time we came in, we were really surprised at the quality of the stuff, because sometimes you go into second hand shops and aren’t really sure but we walked out of here with hordes of school clothes,” shopper Kurie Berndt said, who has two young children.

Once Upon A Child provides families with a quick, cheap one-stop-shop, making it easier to get their kids prepared for school and the winter.

“It’s a wonderful feeling when parents are telling us that for years and years they’ve had garage sales, but now they’ve made it so convenient where they can just bring their stuff in, shop while you wait and then get cash back in your pocket or do a trade,” Austin said.

You can learn more about Once Upon A Child by visiting their website. 

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