Lightning Strikes Tree In Homeowner’s Yard

PROCTOR, Minn. – A scary situation for one Northlander after lightning struck a tree right in his front yard in Proctor.

It happened Monday afternoon after the heavy rainfall.

Neighbor Mike Kulas says he didn’t see the lightning strike but he heard it.

And although he was struck by lightning himself, 20 years ago, that didn’t stop him from helping.

“It sounded like a bomb went off, is what it sounded like. It wasn’t a crack, it was an explosion and it was a bright ball,” said Kulas. “Then I waited, stuff fell out of the sky from the tree and stuff.”

Homeowner Ron Peterson has lived in his home for nine years with his wife.

His neighbor Mike came across the yard and was calling his name.

Ron was sitting by a large window when it happened.

When he walked outside he saw trees all over the place.

Ron says as scary as it was he’s happy no one was injured.

“They’re fixing the water pipe over here, which is broke. I’ve got two contractors coming, two for the trees and two for the roof. I don’t know if you can see the roof,” said Peterson. “It’s pretty rough shape too. Just waiting for them, have to wait until tomorrow for the insurance adjuster to come, you know how that is.”

These little helpers are kids in the neighborhood pitching in and cleaning the debris.

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