A Stroll by the Water with Scoops and Snacks

The Great Lakes Aquarium is Home to Scoops and Snacks, Two Striped Skunks Providing Educations Opportunities to Visitors

DULUTH, Minn. – Nearly every day if you drive by the Great Lakes Aquarium, chances are you’ll see two striped skunks out for a stroll.

Natalie Riemer, Senior Animal Care Specialist at Great Lakes Aquarium and her colleagues make sure Snoops and Snacks take full advantage of their outdoor enrichment activities, weather permitting.

The two brothers are used as educators at the Aquarium, teaching visitors about their importance in the ecosystem.

Snoops and Snacks were descented when they were young, meaning they are unable to spray.

Riemer says skunks spray when they are in danger or feel threatened. It’s a stinky way to keep predators away.

Skunks are a great way to keep the amount of insects under control. Their diet primarily consists of bugs and insects, however, they do also enjoy eating dandelions.

Minnesota is also home to spotted skunks.

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