Construction Washout Shuts Down Slip Bridge

The project manager tells us they're currently working on a temporary solution to open the Slip Bridge for the weekend.

DULUTH, Minn.-  Duluth’s seawall reconstruction project has hit another unexpected snag, forcing a temporary shutdown to pedestrian access on the Minnesota Slip Bridge.

The problem is a washout beneath the sidewalk leading up to that blue bridge.

City leaders tell us while working on the seawall restoration project construction workers unintentionally disturbed the fill below the concrete sidewalk causing the washout. This compromised the stability below the concrete leading up to the Slip Bridge. You can see the orange cones and a temporary walkway in place.

Right now crews are fortifying the soil and restoring the concrete on the DECC side of the Slip Bridge. The sidewalk will stay closed into next week while this work is completed.

Tourists tell us they appreciate the work being done but say construction is creating quite the maze to get through.

“We’re just weaving out of construction trying to go this way, so it’s a little frustrating again I do like smooth surfaces,” tourist Janet Palek said.

During this closure,  you can access Canal Park using Railroad Street. The Duluth Transit Authority is also running its Port Town Trolley as an alternative option.

“It is very surprising because we like going across this bridge because my mom likes the chocolate candy at the store over there, so it’s always easy for us to cross over to the bridge,” tourist Deborah Kacheroski said.

You can still walk behind the DECC but your lakeside stroll temporarily has a slight detour. The project manager tells us they’re currently working on a temporary solution to open the Blip Bridge for the weekend. But again this work on the sidewalk will continue into next week.

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