Northern Star: Aaron Olson

Former Esko football player is now entering his senior season at St. Scholastica

DULUTH, Minn.- Former Esko football wide receiver is entering his senior season at St. Scholastica.

“I love St. Scholastica. I’m super glad I came here. It’s a small school, kind of a small team, private team. We should win the conference every year. They’re a winning team so that’s why I pretty much came here and I wanted to win,” said Olson.

Winning is what he wants the program to continue to do. He continued to work hard during the off season to have a strong final year.

“I worked out a lot this summer. I prepared a lot for it with me and Zach working in the weight room. We really busted this summer so I’m ready.”

The Zach he is referring to, is quarterback Zach Edwards. The Olson–Edwards duo dominated the 2017 season, setting an All–UMAC record of 289.3 passing yards per game.

“On the field it’s great. We connect really easy. He can give me something and I’ll understand it. We talk about it off the field when we’re not up. We talk about connections and stuff like that, signals and stuff. Off the field we’re great we’re buds we hang out all the time. It’s pretty awesome.”

“Love Aaron, he’s a great receiver. For sure the best receiver I’ve ever thrown to. He definitely makes my job a lot easier and makes my job a lot more fun. We lifted a bunch this summer together, hung out all the time. We’ve become really good friends so I think that’s definitely helped. But yeah I love him, he helps my job a lot,” said Edwards.

The two plan to continue leading their team on the field as Olson has set high goals for the upcoming season.

“This goal would be to go 10–0 and make it to the NCAA playoffs and win that first playoff game and bring the UMAC championship back to St. Scholastica,” said Olson.

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