Knowing Your Neighbors: Agate Acupuncture & Natural Healing

Get to know a woman and her practice of natural medicine

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- A different form of healthcare than your normal trip to the doctor’s office is closer around the corner than you may think.

Lanna Schwab has been around the world learning about acupuncture and ancient Chinese medicinal services. She was inspired to start up Agate Acupuncture and Natural Healing in early 2017 because of this.

“Initially it was just something that was just kind of neat and unknown to me, but then the more I learned about it, the more I was kind of just like, I love that it treats, yeah, like the whole body.”

Lanna pursued a career as a part-time X-ray tech at the Lakeview Hospital in Two Harbors until she got her own space in the hospital to practice acupuncture, or the use of a thin, hair-like needle to generate a response from a certain area of a person’s body. Because of theories tested over time, some believe acupuncture heals the root cause of a problem through the boy’s acu-points.

“My sort of goal with acupuncture and holistic medicine is just like I want you to feel calm and relaxed after this treatment. I want your body to… the immunity and everything to be strengthened and built up. Also just to protect you from illnesses in the future.”

Lanna treats up to about 20 people a week between her Two Harbors and newly opened Duluth location, a part of the Village Healing Collective on Superior Street.

Lanna offers several other services besides acupuncture including cupping, using natural herbs, breathing techniques and much more.

“The acupuncture and cupping and everything else is just.. they’re just tools to help our body do the healing it knows how to do.”

Lanna hopes to take Agate Acupuncture and travel the world practicing holistic healing services one day, but for now, she is continuing to learn and grow her company alongside the healing powers of Lake Superior and hopes to educate as many people as she can on what she believes to be the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine.

For more information on Agate Acupuncture and Natural Healing, visit the website here.

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