New Bloodmobile Removes Donation Barriers

Meet the faces you're helping stay healthy by donating blood.

DULUTH, Minn.- The goal is to increase blood donations in the Northland as a brand new bloodmobile is now opening in Duluth and health professionals say blood donations are needed more than you may think.

Health experts say having a mobile donation station removes a barrier to donating blood and for some families the need for blood hits close to home. Three smiling faces are plastered across the new bloodmobile, a reminder about who blood donations are for.

“Get his face out there and spread awareness for congenital heart disease which is the most common birth defect,” mother of blood recipient Jessica Chenevert said.

Jessica’s son Barrett and his best friend Sully, have been receiving blood since birth and helping to inspire donations with the bloodmobile is exciting, a feeling they tell us is rare.

“This is just a wonderful opportunity for us to be involved with something fun instead of just the hardship that comes with a lifelong disease,” Jessica said.

Without blood donations, kids like Sully and Barret would have complications The boys’ pediatrician believes the new bus will bring in more donors.

“Shows what kind of kids it’s helping you know kids that are having a good time, having fun playing, really active now,” pediatrician Kevin Morgan said.

The entire process of donating blood can take up to an hour, but your time given is greatly appreciated by families and medical professionals who witness the health impact donations make first hand.

“You know they’re doing it anonymously to someone they don’t even know and that’s really important,” Morgan said.

Do you feel inspired to donate blood?

The Bloodmobile can park right outside your place of work, for more information visit Bloodmobile.

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