Pete Stauber’s Email Controversy

8th District County Commissioner Found Emailing GOP Group from County Email Address

DULUTH, Minn.- Tension and skepticism is high as Republican Congressional Candidate and St. Louis County Commissioner Pete Stauber has been accused of violating a county policy, by emailing a GOP group using his government email address.

Now, some Democrats say they want answers.

“It’s clear that Pete Stauber thinks that he has one set of rules, for himself, and one set of rules for everybody else,” said Alan Netland, President of the Northeast Area Labor Council.

He joined the DFL Central Committee Chair, and Duluth City Councilor Barb Russ at a Press Conference at the Labor Temple in Duluth on Friday.

According to a public records request from the Star Tribune, Stauber was found corresponding with the National Republican Congressional Committee in 15 emails sent from his county email address.

This appears to be in violation with St. Louis County policy, which says that elected officials are not allowed to use county equipment for re–election purposes.

Yet the county concluded its investigation, saying in a statement:

“We proactively reviewed the emails through the lens of our code of conduct for elected officials policy, and were satisfied that no investigation or further review was warranted.”

“I don’t believe that is sufficient for the rest of us,” Russ said. “The public has a right to know what was in those emails, because he’s hiding them, it makes you really wonder why.”

However, Netland and 8th District DFL Committee Chair Emily Nygren just want Stauber to admit fault. They believe it’s reminiscent of the Right’s calls to Hilary Clinton during her email scandal of the 2016 Election.

“The fact that he is willing to stand by while people are chanting, you know, locking folks up for similar transgressions,” said Nygren. “You know, I really think that speaks that he is not able to stand up and be accountable to the voters on this issue. But is perfectly willing to stand back and be hypocritical on it.”

So far the Stauber campaign has released this statement, which reads in part:

“Pete continues to be laser–focused on visiting with Minnesotans in the 8th District and listening to their concerns, not getting distracted by desperate smears from the left.”

St. Louis County has not released any of these emails upon request so far. But their computer policy says they must also consider the public’s right to view certain government information.

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