Chicken Poop Bingo Drops On Lake Superior Harvest Fest

Locally Laid Company Brings Game to Duluth for the First Time

DULUTH, Minn.- A deuce full of fun is dropping at lake superior harvest fest.

For the first time ever, chicken poop bingo has come to Duluth.

For free, each human contestant gets a number, then waits and hopes for five minutes that one of the chicken players in the pen lays a number two on their number.

Surprisingly, this game has actually been around the country for a while.

“We’ve never done anything like this but I was on the web and saw that chicken poo bingo was a very popular bar game in Texas, and thought ‘hey, we could do that!'” said Locally Laid co-owner Lucie Amundsen.

The Locally Laid company was in charge of the game.

They say it’s to promote awareness of the benefits of farming chickens outdoors with a natural diet.

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