Duluth Drag Race Rages Down Garfield

11th Annual Kia of Duluth Drag Races and Car Show Kicks Off

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s time to get in your hot rods and rev up those engines, because the 11th Annual Kia of Duluth drag race and car show has taken over town again, going through Sunday. Hundreds showed up to watch those roadsters race.

The engines roar, pulsating through the ground, up through everyone’s bodies. Those motors sound the alarm: it’s time for the drag race, and a huge crowd energetically answers the call.

“The people, the noise, the power. Being able to watch all the action, and interacting with everybody,” said Kia Service Manager Rob Havery.

If the clamor of car engines didn’t already tell you, this is no Sunday drive. The speed is intense, merciless.

“Well if you don’t have your head back you will, basically it launches just as hard as like getting hit in the chest,” said racer Mike O’Connell.

But these drivers seem to hunger for that thrilling rush.

“Nothing like, y’know, unleashing a lot of horsepower on a city street when it doesn’t handle really good, that’s a lot of fun,” O’Connell said.

For 11 years this stretch of Garfield Avenue has belonged to the Drag Racers, who tear it up at speeds reaching almost 200 mph. Just, make sure you pack your earplugs, because the sound of those engines can really pack a punch.

Yet, no one else seems too disturbed by the sound. They actually quite enjoy it.

The need for speed goes back to before the 1930s, when drag racing first started in the dry lake beds of the deserts of California. Since then the sport has gone through several modifications.

But the fans are timeless. Always coming out to the only legal 8th mile drag race in the country, to see their favorite cars doing what they do best.

Axel Meek and his brother, Maverick, share their favorite car.

“The TransAm,” said Axel. “Blue with white stripes.”

This staple of American roadways, steering north to become a staple of Duluth city streets.

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