Northern Star: Wryott Gerson

For this week's segment we speak to Denfeld wide receiver Wryott Gerson

DULUTH, Minn.- Denfeld football recorded only one win last year. But in game one of the 2018 season they matched that record and a main part of that was senior wide receiver Wryott Gerson who believes that this is the year of the Hunters.

“We kind of got that in our mind set that we can do good this year. So that is what we went into the game wanting to be. We wanted to be the best. We wanted to play the best. We wanted to win and that’s the reason we fought hard and got the W,” said Gerson.

That win all started with an unbelievable punt return for an 80 yard touchdown by Gerson against Two Harbors.

“When I run, I don’t really think. I kind of just run because I know that I’m fast. So I kind of use that as a way to do the most damage. I do my best. I had good blockers and without the team helping me i probably wouldn’t have gotten a touchdown.”

Just as his teammates help Gerson with his success on the field he is able to do the same for them.

“Wryott leads by example and I think his play inspires other people. I also think that when you get a kid that’s a good athlete like that people have to pay attention to him. When they have to pay attention to him there are others that don’t get much attention. But that is kind of why we like this team. I think we have more than Wryott Gerson,” said head coach Frank Huie.

While his athleticism is something to be in awe of his coach says his personality is what actually makes him so compelling.

“I think anybody that’s had an athletic puppy dog and that puppy dog is being trained and it can run and cut in any direction, Wryott reminds me of that energy and that happiness of a young puppy dog. But still that burst of energy and that athleticism and that is the kind of kid he is. I wouldn’t say he is going to be your serious guy on the field and that’s the allure of him.”

This is Gerson’s final season to leave a lasting impression on the Hunters and he plans on making that happen with the rest of his senior teammates.

“We all want this year to go off good. All the seniors we want to just give the school a reason to be hyped,” said Gerson.

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