Construction and Classes Underway at Superior High School

On Monday, September 10th the Superior High School held it's first day after renovations.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- It’s the first day of school at the Superior High School and also the first time students and teachers are seeing the multi-million dollar changes to classrooms.

Construction is still underway but right now staff and students are getting to know the revamped space after a summer packed full of construction.

The halls are packed full of life. To kick–off the school year students and staff members took a tour around the changing facility admiring new additions such as the media room, the cafeteria, and updated classrooms.

“It’s the staff that will help the students and the students that will help the staff,”  special education teacher Mark Johnson said.

The first-day homework is all about getting to know the new space.

“It has taken a little bit of time I think for some of the staff and students to get used to the new space but the energy level is great here,”  Johnson said.

The school’s new design has classes of the same subject in one area, making it easier for students to find their classrooms.

“Now that kids are here and the learning is happening this is really nice to see the project come into competition at least on the inside and our learning spaces,” Superior School District Superintendent Amy Starzecki said.

Some areas are still under construction, including the gym.

“Still feels a little like a construction zone with our outside and our gym construction,” Starzeki said.

This first day is a big milestone for the school, the construction process is on track, and will be fully complete late this winter.

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