Red Cross Needs More Volunteers for Hurricane Florence

Like Before, Red Cross Looks to Northland to Answer the Call

DULUTH, Minn.- The Northland chapter of the Red Cross is on standby ready to respond as Hurricane Florence gets closer to the Carolinas.

While the immediate concern is Hurricane Florence, there are two other disasters for the Red Cross to address.

Hurricane Olivia is expected to rip through Hawaii, and Typhoon Mangkhut is already ravaging Guam.

So far the Northland only has 5 volunteers signed on, ready to go in Emergency Response Vehicles. But they say they need more hands on deck.

With Hurricane Katrina, the Northland chapter of the Red Cross sent 400 people from the Northland, and for hurricane sandy, 150.

Now more volunteers are needed for Florence and Olivia. It’s no vacation, but it’s definitely vital.

“12 to 14-hour days aren’t out of the ordinary. Lots of work, lots of standing, hot weather,”said Tony Guerra, Disaster Program Manager at the Northland Chapter of the Red Cross.

“Once it’s off the news that’s when people forget about it. Y’know those who’ve lost everything. And that’s when Red Cross and those kinds of organizations come to help out.”

Sometimes volunteers encounter active storms, which means hunkering down in staff shelters, sometimes indefinitely.

If you want to volunteer, the Red Cross will train you for free. If you can’t drop everything and leave for 2–3 weeks, the Red Cross asks for monetary donations.

While the thought behind items like blankets and equipment is nice, they say that it’s easier to send money, and have people there spend it as they need.

If you have questions or want to go through training, you can call the Northland Red Cross at (218) 722-0071. Or visit their website:

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