The Leaves Really are Changing in the Northland, but Not Only Because of the Temperature

Leaves are like humans- they respond to the stress of different weather conditions.

DULUTH, Minn.- Fall in Duluth is one of the most beautiful times of the year to many in the Northland, but is it finally time to see the change from green to orange?

Those along Lake Superior may have been seeing the leaves make their Fall change already, but that’s not because they’re dying. The leaves are protecting themselves from doing just that.

Leaves change color for many different reasons, and temperate is only one of the factors effecting the change happening in the Northland. Plant physiologist Jessica Savage says that leaves release their green pigment for other reasons like sunlight availability and access to water- all in efforts to protect themselves for Winter conditions.

Because of the region’s dry Summer, leaves began changing as early as July and are just now beginning their adjustment because of colder weather.

“This time of year is really about that transition and that preparation because if they can prepare and they can go dormant, then they can survive the conditions just fine.”

The Northland’s peak color-changing season isn’t until, the beginning to Mid-October.

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