UMD Office of Sustainability Aims to Limit Food Waste

School is studying how much is composted by their dining services daily

DULUTH, Minn. – About a third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted every year according to the United Nations.

The UMD Office of Sustainability is trying to cut down that waste on their campus.

To build awareness, they had students scrape all their excess food into bins.

Those bins were weighed to determine how much is being composted every day.

“It’s not that students should be taking less than they need or less than they want, it’s just if you’re going to maybe eat what you have on your first plate and then if you want more come back so that we just have a smaller footprint as a campus,” said Cole Grotting, an intern with the Office of Sustainability.

Wasting less food means less food has to be bought, which saves UMD money each year.

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