Superior School District Struggles With Bus Driver Shortage

A Website Has Been Created For Parent Feedback


The Superior School District has now set up a website for parents to send their feedback about the school transportation system after facing backlash on issues related to the school buses.

The district says that since the end of last year, six bus drivers have left the job. Three of those people left due to changes in policy.

Starting this school year the district required drivers to sign one year contracts, and implemented a bus parking policy that requires them to work even earlier hours.

According to a Facebook post from the school district, parents are now voicing their concerns of missed student pickups, long student ride times and full buses.

The district says they’re having a difficulty hiring people in this job market.

“It is difficult to attract and retain staff when we can’t offer wages competitive with larger industries in our area,” said district employee Kelly Pugh. “ We will continue to work to find solutions for our families and our community.”

The school district says the hiring problems are not connected to their policy change.

You can find the link to voice your opinions to the school district about any transportation problems here.

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