2018 NorthShore Inline Marathon Brings in Nearly 2,000 Athletes

The 23rd annual race reached its highest number of registered athletes that its seen in years.

DULUTH, Minn. – The 23rd annual NorthShore Inline Marathon brought runners and skaters from all over the country to compete in the different races on Saturday morning.

While many of the athletes enjoy the competition and exercise part of the day, they also enjoy getting the chance to share the day with their families.

“So exciting, every year it’s fun to watch him compete a race that he works so hard to practice and train day after day,” Heidi Mouch said, who spent the morning cheering on one of her family members.

Friends, families and members from the community would line the course, waving their cowbells and cheering loudly for anyone who skated by, which helped the athletes finish the long, 26 mile race.

“It’s awesome, fun to see everyone at the finish line so it’s great. It’s that last boost of energy I need to get across the line,” Dan Koppy said.

Koppy skated in his 11th NorthShore Marathon on Saturday, and bringing the family to Duluth has become a tradition the whole family has come to love and look forward to.

“It’s just become a tradition for us to come up. The grandkids come and they enjoy cheering grandpa on,” Mouch said.

The race director said that the 2,000 participants was an increase from years past.

With the high number of athletes participating, there was a need for medical personnel throughout the day. There were over 20 trained volunteers who were stationed throughout the course and at the finish line, working to help with whatever injuries the racers had.

“It’s really important to make sure we know what types of issues we need to deal with. And in inline skating, probably the most common issue we face is from falls or collisions and people are scraping themselves up on the asphalt so a lot of abrasion. So we’re cleaning up wounds and most people are walking out of here feeling well,” medical director Jesse Coenen said.

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