2018 Walk for Thought Raising Awareness for Brain Injuries

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance says falls are the leading cause of brain injury.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance says falls are the leading cause of brain injury.

The organization supports people and families affected by brain injuries.

Its annual walk for thought event does just that.

There were walks in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and here in Duluth.

For one family the Walk for Thought hits close to home after a loved one suffered a brain injury.

Jimmy Gervais is decked out in his red bandanna and is in good spirits.

But last October he was in a motorcycle accident and suffered a brain injury.

He was in the hospital for almost seven months.

Jimmy’s family and friends came out to support him as he fights to get back to full strength.

“Not only are we in this together as a family and friends of Jimmy Gervais, but we are as a community because brain injuries affect all of us,” said Jimmy’s Sister Cindy Gervais Craig. “It amazes me how quickly it happens and how traumatic it is and how it really does affect not only the person with the injury, but everybody around them.”

About 100 people registered for the 2018 walk for thought and put their best foot forward at the  Lakewalk.

Staff with the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance tell us the goal for walk for thought is to raise awareness for brain injuries and enhance the lives of people living with a brain injury.

“Brain injuries, often times, are knows as an invisible disability, so average people you’re going to see out and about, you may not be aware that they have a brain injury,” said Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance Case Manager Crystal VanCanneyt. “So it’s great to bring everybody together. they can meet other people who might have had similar experiences. it’s good for caregivers, family members.”

Jimmy G and the Red Bandannas will be back next year and Jimmy hopes to take the steps to be walking in it.

We’re all rooting for you Jimmy!

According to the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance 5.3 million Americans live with disabilities from a brain injury and of that 100,000 are Minnesotans.

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