Northern Star: Kendra Kelley

This week's segment features senior forward on the Cloquet-Carlton girl's soccer team.

CLOQUET, Minn.- Kendra Kelley has been a key member of the Cloquet–Carlton girls soccer team long before she even began high school.

“I’ve been playing at this varsity level since seventh grade. I’ve just grown so much as a person, as an athlete. I’m really close with these girls and with my coach as well. It’s a great family and i’m really happy to be here,” said Kelley.

“She’s been around for a long time. She actually got her first goal up here in two harbors as an eighth grader. There’s been many since then,” said head coach Dustin Randall.

So what has been the key in locking in these goals?

“I’d say just running. I’m kind of a big track and field athlete too. That’s kind of my main focus. So taking that into this sport is really helpful,” said Kelley.

While her speed is definitely a main factor, her mentality has also played a role as well.

“She’s a competitor. She just demands a lot from herself. So she is constantly looking to improve. What she’s doing is never enough. It’s ‘whats the next step?’ as a coach that’s great cause there’s always a project. There’s always ‘what are we going to do now?’” said Randall.

This incredibly fast competitor is in her final season with the Lumberjacks and it’s a bittersweet ride.

“It’s kind of sad. But I’m also really grateful just to be here. Like I said, we’ve had an amazing season and I love every single one of these girls so much and it just made it so much fun.”

Before she hangs up her cleats there’s one thing Kelley wants to do.

“Get my team to the state soccer tournament for sure.”

As for life after soccer and high school…

“I’ll be pursuing track and field. I have a few division one visits coming up and I’ll make an announcement after those go by around November.”

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