UMD Students Showcase Harvested Goods at Farm Fest

Every year almost 1,000 students use the Land Lab as an educational tool.

DULUTH, Minn. – Farm Fest is one of the highlights for students at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD).

It’s the time for them to show off everything they’ve harvested all season.

Farm Fest takes place at the UMD Land Lab.

The Lab has been around for almost 10 years and one of its purposes is to teach students about agriculture.

The sun is out and this is the perfect backdrop.

Welcome to the UMD Farm Fest at the Land Lab.

People could buy produce harvested by students and get information from organizations.

This is the first ever Farm Fest for new UMD student Arianna Northbird.

“I’m just here to have fun, enjoying the moment,” said Northbird.

She’s also an Environment and Sustainability major and that’s another reason why she wanted to check out Farm Fest.

“I think it’s incredibly important and especially to have the local community involved with sustainability and showing what the school does. I think it’s incredible,” said Northbird.

Students learn sustainability efforts and how to grow things here at the Land Lab.

“The weather cooperated this year, so we had a really great season,” said UMD Student Farm Manager Jane Marynik.

You can see for yourself with the wheelbarrows which are filled with food like potatoes and onions.

This food makes its way back to campus and is used for dining services.

“It feels amazing,” said Marynik. “You really get this connection with your food when you go into campus and you see other students eating things that you worked hard to grow.”

These people seemed to have enjoyed the food.

Every year almost 1,000 students use the Land Lab as an educational tool.

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