Local Business Has Fun With Construction Traffic

Two Harbors construction is causing a back up in traffic and one local business wanted to lighten the mood.

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- A local business is making light of the traffic construction is causing through town.

Sweet Pea’s Gift Shop waned to make sure their store was noticed by backed up cars, so they decided to put jokes in the windows for passer-by’s to read.

This was owners Randy and Katie Lancaster’s idea to keep people from getting frustrated while in traffic, and a way to let those going through town know that they are still open for business.

“It’s mostly been positive, yes, in a hokey sort of way, which is to make light-hearted of… the necessary that needs to be done.”

The owners said that construction hasn’t had a huge effect on business, but they’re hoping city updates stay on schedule. Katie and Randy would love to hear any jokes folks may have that they can put on display in the store’s windows.

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