Residents, City at a Crossroads over Glenwood Street

Community Meeting at Lester Park Elementary Abuzz with Concerns

DULUTH, Minn.-Lester Park Elementary School was alive after school hours Wednesday.

A meeting was held between the city and community members to address traffic concerns with Glenwood street intersecting with Jean Duluth and Snively roads.

It appears after numerous speeding tickets, accidents, and even a fatality at that intersection, community members and the city both say enough is enough, but have different ideas on how to move forward.

After over 200 people signed a position about the Glenwood street intersection, the city conducted speed studies and consulted with Alliant Engineering, who says constructing a roundabout to alter the speed of the environment is the way to go.

“The current 4 way stop that is in place at Glenwood and Snively just does not accommodate the traffic volumes that are out there,” said Senior Traffic Engineer Jordan Schwarze.

“What the roundabout is going to do is not only improve their operations but maintain the safety of the intersection.”

Yet citizens here are largely new to roundabouts, many doubting the proposed addition. They say, simply lower the speed limit from 45 to 30 mph, it won’t take too much of your time.

But authorities who stop speeders and attend to crashes, say that’s not enough.

“When every car is traveling at a different speed it makes that, the driving reactions much more complicated,” said Officer Kelly Greenwalt.

“I agree with the fact that environment does control speed more than enforcement.”

Meanwhile, community members argue that common sense can, and should, overpower environment.

These concerns have been around since the Fall of 2016, when a similar meeting was held. Since then some minor changes made include more signage, street lighting, and the clearing of some brush.

But some children have already been hit by cars since then.

So the one thing both sides can agree on, is that drastic change needs to happen fast.

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