St. Louis County Employee Files Complaint, Wants Investigation on Commissioner Pete Stauber

Dennis Frazier believes Stauber is using his platform as a county commissioner to run for higher office.

DULUTH, Minn.  – A 30–year employee with St. Louis County is calling for an investigation into Commissioner Pete Stauber who is running for the 8th Congressional race on the republican side.

Dennis Frazier believes Stauber is using his platform as a county commissioner to run for higher office.

One example, Frazier says happened at an opioid round table in August where Stauber identified himself as a 8th District Congressional candidate.

Frazier has filed a written complaint with the board chair and county administrator.

“We need resources to help people, not county commissioners run for higher office. Where are the checks and balances by the other commissioners and the administrators in St. Louis county to keep this in line? It is with regret we have to be here to raise this issue, but it’s necessary to do so,” said Frazier.

Pete Stauber released a statement:

“As a 23-year law enforcement officer, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects the opioid crisis has on our community and I was proud to bring together stakeholders and local and federal officials for an informative meeting last month at a treatment facility in Duluth. While we made it clear to press from the beginning my campaign organized the meeting, other county commissioners were invited and I should have made a clear distinction for the county when it promoted the worthwhile event. I regret the confusion, but repeat my motive that we can all embrace: we must work to combat this national crisis that is killing our citizens young and old.”

As Pete tries to bring people together to address this devastating crisis, it’s unfortunate that Joe Radinovich and the DFL feign outrage over a misunderstanding about an opioids awareness event, yet proudly stand with Keith Ellison who is currently being accused of domestic violence and mental and physical abuse.” – Caroline Tarwid, campaign press secretary

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