Zoomobile Visits UWS

Animals interacted with students and taught all about their species

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Animals from the Lake Superior Zoo visited the library at UW-Superior Wednesday.

The Zoomobile program traveled with a python, hedgehog, bearded dragon, plus much more.

Students could hold and touch the animals and ask educators any questions they could think of.

“For the snake, how they go to the bathroom is a great question that we get across all audiences because they just look like where does that come from, but also some of their defenses and how they survive in the wild,” said Jessamy Schwartz, Education and Program Coordinator at the Lake Superior Zoo.

“It gives an opportunity for people to see animals that they might not normally be able to see, especially if they aren’t able to make it to a visit to the zoo,” she added.

The Zoomobile program is available to travel to schools and events across the Northland to teach all about the fascinating animals.

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