Fun with Flannels at Duluth Pack

Store Holds First Annual Flannel Fest

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth Pack went full lumberjack Thursday night, hosting their first ever Flannel Fest.

Hoops Brewing collaborated with Duluth Pack for the event.

They gave samples of a brew made special for the occasion: the 1882 Lager. 1882 was the year Duluth Pack was founded.

Even some pets got their flannel on, enjoying this cultural garb.

“Flannels are a big part of Minnesotan culture,” said Assistant Manager Elizabeth Vaughn. “A lot of our staff are wearing flannels but a lot of our customers are as well. And we have a social media hashtag right now that’s ‘flannel fest best dressed,’ if you post a photo of you with that hashtag, you can win some of our product.”

Also, a raffle was held for customers who can accurately guess in length of the portage trail from Duluth Pack to Hoops Brewing.

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