Superior Swingin’ Seniors

Senior Connections Hosts First Annual Senior Prom

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Seniors got all dressed up to go to the Prom at UWS on Thursday.

But they might not be the seniors you’re expecting.

Senior Prom at a University sounds like a rambunctious event for college seniors. But this prom, while equally rambunctious, was all about Senior Citizens.

The hoppin’ band and clinking glasses take you back to a 1920s jazz club, and that’s probably what these dancers remember too.

Senior Connections hosted its first annual Senior Prom at UWS.

While the flappers were swingin,’ UWS students took a back seat from the party, serving drinks, smiles, and friendly conversation.

“The inter-generational impact is incredible,” said Dale Johnson, Executive Director at Senior Connections. “We have students that are helping seniors when they come to eat, we see them carrying trays for them, getting that relationship developed.”

“Because some seniors are lonely just like some students are lonely and need a jump on their relationships when they first get to campus.”

Normally a brunch and dinner are served downstairs at UWS for any seniors who would like a hot meal. But tonight, they had all the upstairs luxury to themselves.

The event was totally free, with donations appreciated to give a hot meal to elders who maybe can’t afford it. The next big event is a fall leaf tour next month.

Some of those seniors have more dancin’ energy than most college seniors.


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