Northern Star: Maddie Rooney

The redshirt junior is back after her time with team USA.

DULUTH, Minn.-Maddie Rooney is rejoining the Bulldogs after taking time off to backstop Team USA to victory in the 2018 winter Olympics. The redshirt junior’s game has reached new heights and she’s ready to make it known.

“Over the past year I’ve definitely matured a ton as a player. All the experiences I’ve had, my game has developed so much more. I’m excited to bring back what I learned last year and contribute what I can to the team and be more of a presence on the ice with playing the puck. That was a huge focus on the national team so I’m excited to test that out at Duluth and see how it goes and hopefully be a good sixth man back there,” said Rooney.

“She’s taken her game to another level. That time away with the Olympic team was incredibly valuable to her, her development on and off the ice, as a person but as a player that confidence is very high and as mentioned when she’s in net it’s hard not to notice her. She has a big presence and it’s really great to see,” said head coach Maura Crowell.

But the Olympian admits returning to life as a student–athlete is a readjustment for her.

“Being in school again is definitely a transition. During residency last year it was all hockey focused. It’s been more of a transition here dealing with school and practice as well. It’s been good I think it’s benefited me more having to focus on something else other than hockey. It’s kind of a calming aspect. But going back to college hockey, the whole team is my best friend so it’s awesome to be back here and playing with them as a team,” said Rooney.

With a strong freshman class joining UMD Rooney is taking the opportunity to help guide them into division one play.

“One of the big things I’m trying to teach them play confident back there no matter, it’s hockey you;re going to have ups and downs but just be confident and stay positive.”

And this goalie’s motivating factor this year…

“I want to prove myself and continue to play well and just prove myself.”

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