City Officials and Duluthians Rally Against Kavanaugh Allegations

The rally spoke out in support of sexual harassment and assault victims.

DULUTH, Minn.-Dozens gathered at the Building for Women in Duluth to speak their minds and rally against the recent sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominees Brett Kavanaugh.

The rally, organized in just under 48 hours at the spontaneous hand of several local elected officials, sexual assault clinic representatives and Duluth activist, included speeches, chants and a call to action.

“Duluth understands justice and Duluthians understand when things aren’t right, and so really a group of people spontaneously came together to indicate our outrage and concern about this and also to support survivors and victims of sexual assault,” rally organizer Kathy Heltzer said.

Also at the rally was PAVSA, or Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault, who aim to keep situations like the Kavenaugh dealings from happening in the future.


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