Knowing Your Neighbors: Kunnari’s Kitchen, Coffee House and Farm Market

The family business was started a few decades ago because of a small strawberry farm.

VIRGINIA, Minn- It all started with some strawberries, six acres of land and selling produce and baked goods from under a tent. But over the years, it’s grown into so much more than that.

The Kunnari family always hoped of expanding their small farmers market and it took a small tragedy to make them go for it.

“In the fall of 2012, our little bakery burnt down, and that really left us in a place of well what are we going to do. Are we going to rebuild or are we going to actually do something that we’ve talked about doing as a family but never really thought we’d ever do,” owner Rozy Campbell said.

After a lot of thinking, the family finally decided to open Kunnari’s Kitchen and Coffee House.

“Starting out as a farmers market, we wanted to keep the feel of the farmers market and we still have about 20 acres of produce on our family farm,” Campbell said.

Kunnari’s sells sandwiches, salads and baked goods, all made from scratch by the family. They also have the farmers market and gift shop to sell their fresh produce.

“The gift shop has really expanded too. In the past, when we were under the tent, we couldn’t haul things back and forth, so this is kind of a nice addition to our business,” market manager Renee Vruno said.

For the family, the business is where they grew up, so it’s more than just work to them.

“The awesome thing is that I still have my kids here with me, we do homeschooling so that’s a plus,” Vruno said.

Because although the work can be tough, family is family.

“Being in an family business has its ups and downs but I can honestly say it’s mostly ups with our family. It’s awesome to go to work every day and see my sisters and brothers and mom and dad every day,” Campbell said.

Learn more about the food Kunnari’s sells and see when they’re open by visiting their website. 

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