Happy National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is the fourth Tuesday of September.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Election Day is exactly six weeks away and for you to make your vote count, the first step is registering to vote.

Why wait?

You can get the ball rolling now.

In Wisconsin voter registration is typically handled through the municipal clerk and can be done by mail up to 20 days prior to the election.

After that period you have to register in person with the clerk up until Friday before the election.

You can also register on Election Day, which is common.

“I would advise that they do it ahead of Election Day, well ahead of Election Day,” said Douglas County Clerk Susan Sandvick. “But if for some reason that won’t be possible they do have that option. But they should check ahead before they go to the polls as to what they need to bring and make sure they have the documentation required.”

Nearby the city clerk has a different twist when it comes to registering voters and it involves Uncle Sam.

People are encouraged to register, take a selfie with Sam and share it on social media with the #SelfieSamSuperior.

“It’s always important to exercise your right to vote, but if you’re registered chances are you’ll have a shorter time at the polling site, because you won’t have to register there and just to correct any information that may be wrong if you’ve moved since you last voted or you’ve changed your name,” said Superior City Clerk Terri Kalan.

You can take a selfie with Sam up until the election on Nov. 6.

Click here for more information on deadlines, requirements and how to register to vote.

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