Hermantown Hosts Public Vaping Forum

Hermantown Public Schools are cracking down more on the use of vaping and e-cigarettes on their campus.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – With vaping and e-cigarettes become more and more of an issue in young adults, Hermantown Public School District decided to step in.

They held a public forum on Monday night to discuss vaping in school students. They hosted four panelists, including various medical professionals and even one Hermantown student, to discuss what e-cigarettes and vaping is, how dangerous they are and the signs that people are using them.

“Just knowing that these things are really addictive. The younger you start, the more likely you’ll be hooked for life. So if we keep them out of schools and increase the minimum age to buy the products that kids are going to end up staying away and making better choices as they get older,” St. Luke’s Pediatrician Amanda Webb said.

The panel also discussed the different ways parents can try to prevent and/or stop their kids from using them, and emphasized that this trend is starting younger and younger.

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