Superior Police Used Robot During Monday’s Standoff

The robot has five cameras that produced a live video feed back out to the officers.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Superior Police Department said that the non–lethal standoff that happened Monday night was executed effectively thanks in part to the tactical team’s robot.

That robot was able to enter the apartment and locate the gunman.

The 60–pound machine allowed officers to communicate with the suspect through a speaker to the robot.

It also sent back a live video feed to investigators.

“The main goal is ultimately to make the whole situation safer for everybody. The person it really benefits the most is the people inside in the house. We can see what they’re doing, we can talk to them, we can listen to them and we can assist them in exiting that structure in a safe manner,” Officer Brad Jago said.

Officials told us that the robot is deployed every time officers go out on emergency response situations.


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