McNair Scholarship Students Show Off Research at St. Scholastica

Symposium Held in Somers Lounge

DULUTH, Minn.- After completing in-depth research projects over the past summer thanks to the McNair Scholarship, students at St. Scholastica showed off their hard work to the public Wednesday.

Students, parents, staff and others could walk through the different projects, while the students behind them presented them.

Scholarship recipients say, McNairs can be a great resource to future students, as it was to them.

“If I can do it they can do it too. Y’know what I’m saying?” said Tiaj Xiong, one of the researchers.

Her project centered around Cervical Cancer screenings, and whether women think they’re effective or not. She was able to conduct her research out of the University of Minnesota, in the Twin Cities.

“So if I had the opportunity and ability to prepare myself to grad school and do research I believe students should have the same opportunities.”

Opportunities, and guidance from a celebrated staff.

“They’re amazing people, McNair is a great program.”

The minds behind those projects were able to conduct their studies across the country.

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