Glensheen Mansion to Offer Apple ‘Tasting Flights’

Visitors to the Historic Glensheen Mansion in Duluth can Enjoy Apple Samples Starting Friday, September 28

DULUTH, Minn. – For the first time ever starting Friday, September 28 and going through Sunday, September 30, Glensheen Mansion in Duluth will offer visitors ‘Apple Flights” for purchase.

Guests will be able to purchase a flight of four different types of apples at the end of their tour.

As Marketing Manager Jane Pederson says, “Each apple, like wine, has a different flavor experience for guests to taste for themselves.”

Chester Congdon has a ripe history with growing produce on his property back in the day.

Congdon has his own apple orchard across the road from Glensheen across London Road. The trees still stand there today, with the private property owner choosing to keep them there.

During Congdon’s tour of the Pacific in 1914, he spend much of his time in New Zealand observing different apple orchards.

In 1916, the Congdon’s built a home in Washington State as a centerpiece of his apple orchards. The apple orchard in Washington is still alive and well today.

Here’s a list of apples to be offered this weekend at Glensheen:


Exceptionally crisp, these U of M creations have a balanced sugar-to-acid ratio for a sweet-tart flavor.


Creamy yellow and crisp inside, this New Zealand fruit is mildly sweet with hints of vanilla.

Red Delicious:

Sweet and mild in flavor, these Washington apples have slight tones of ripe melon.

Granny Smith:

These bright green Australian natives are firm with a tart yet subtly sweet flavor.

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