Winter Flurries Make Hardware Stores Hurry to Stock Winter Supplies

Menard's and Marshall Hardware Gear Up

DULUTH, Minn.-As Lord Stark from Game of Thrones warned, “winter is coming” to the Northland. So snowplows, salt, and shovels are now headed to store shelves, waiting for their big debut.

Regardless of how much snow actually falls this month, it’s still a sign that winter is on the horizon, a sign Northlanders know all too well. So they turn to their local hardware stores that are now stocking up.

But workers at those stores remind you…

Snow isn’t the only thing to resist.

“Insulating often is an afterthought,” said West Duluth Menard’s General Manager Tony Schiller. “There’s still time to install energy efficient doors and windows, but a quicker simpler fix would be to go with an insulating product. We have some door sweeps, insulating that goes around the doors and windows. We even have the draught dodgers that go underneath the door and prevent any draughts from coming in.”

Not only does winterizing keep you warm, it also makes your house more energy efficient, according to Menard’s. Keeping the warm air in means less energy producing warm air. Pamphlets can be found in the store detailing which spots in the house need insulation.

While Menard’s increases awareness on how to gear your home up for the cold, Marshall Hardware advises on how to properly keep your home warm from the inside

“So as the nights get colder people’s furnaces start turning on and they want to make sure that they start with a new fresh air filter, keeps the dust down in their house plus it makes the furnace run a little more efficiently,” said Steve Marshall, co-owner and one Marshall of ‘Marshall Hardware.’ “It’s not all clogged up with dust from last year.”

Since it’s recommended to change your furnace filter once a month, Marshall said people buy three or four around this time, to last them the Winter months when no one wants to go outside.

Both stores will keep receiving shipments of winter supplies daily, and have them fully shelved by the end of October. What better way to scare folks on Halloween, than to remind them of winter.

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