With a Hard Freeze Coming, It’s Time to Cover Outdoor Plants

Many plants should be taken indoors for shelter

DULUTH, Minn. – With the season’s first hard freeze in the forecast, it’s time to cover your plants or bring them indoors.

At the UMD Land Lab, students and staff members are rushing to get squash, tomatoes, and peppers off the farm and into shelters.

They already had a minor frost and say it helped them prepare for the hard freeze expected soon.

“The summer squash, the winter squash, all that stuff’s just going to be harvested now, stored and dealt with over the rest of the fall,” said Kevin Moris, the UMD Land Lab Farm Manager.

Some plants can’t be harvested yet. It’s recommended to cover those.

According to the owners of Sams Florist and Greenhouse in West Duluth, burlap, plastic, and even sheets can be used to cover plants.

If they aren’t covered, not much can be done to save plants after a frost.

“The first thing in the morning, you take and get it wet, wash it off, you maybe stand a chance of preserving it, but that doesn’t always work. Maybe,” said Sams owner, Georgianne Sams.

When dumping plants for the season, it’s recommended to put some of the soil back into the garden so it’s ready for spring.

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