Tweet Along to Ride Along with Minnesota Police

State's First Virtual Ride Along Takes Place

WEST DULUTH, Minn.- Minnesota took ride alongs to a different level Friday, as anyone who wished to accompany officers could do so, via Twitter.

The idea started at the West Duluth Police Department, but agencies participated from Ely to New Ulm, and many in between, using the #MNCopsVRA.

Officers say it’s the perfect way to shed light on police activity, which is often misunderstood.

“It’s a fun thing, I think, for the officers,” said K-9 Officer Rob Hurst.

“Y’know, we see some pretty sad things at times doing our job. There’s some fun things too.”

Despite this updated communication method, Hurst said it does by no means replace calling the police when it’s urgent.

“If there’s an emergency or somebody needs to make a report, obviously social media isn’t the pathway to do that,” he said. “We still want people to call 911.”

This is the first statewide virtual ride along in Minnesota, and among the first few in the country. 

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