UMD Students Learn About Climate Change Impacts on the Northland

Field trip took them to the UMD Land Lab, Hawk Ridge, and a research vessel

DULUTH, Minn. – UMD students took a field trip to learn how climate change could be impacting the Northland.

Students learned about sustainable farming practices on the UMD Land Lab farm, went to Hawk Ridge to learn about changing bird migration patters, and took a ride on a research vessel to learn how water has been impacted.

“Things are happening here in our city and this hawk migration and different things like that are definitely evidence of that,” said UMD freshman, Chloe Kruger, while on the trip.

The trip was hosted by the University’s Institute on the Environment which aims to find ways for the region to become more sustainable.

The institute’s director tells us a hands on trip is an effective way for students and faculty to learn.

“Whenever you see something in person, touch it, hold a pair of binoculars like you see the students do here, it’s a much more impactful experience,” said biology professor, Julie Etterson.

The Institute on the Environment hopes to connect ongoing sustainability efforts at UMD.

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