DECC Turned into Wedding Wonderland

First Ever Fall Wedding Show Offers Help to Couples Getting Married

DULUTH, Minn.- If you always cry at weddings, then hopefully you didn’t find yourself at the DECC today, as the first ever fall Gitche Gumee Wedding Show helped paint Duluth as the exotic wedding destination.

A special day for couples’ special day. The Lake Superior Ballroom lined with dress makers, caterers, entertainers and more.

Organizers say, it’s seventh heaven for soon-to-be-wed couples.

“When people come in to these shows they come in excited, they’re happy,” said Tracy Lundeen, President of Lundeen Productions, which organized the event. “They’re full of anticipation as to who they’re going to meet, what kind of things they’re going to come across and find.”

There’s plenty to find here. From ornate sparkling bridal gowns to floral arrangements popping with colorful life, and everything in between.

Another piece of essential wedding information is also here, perhaps the most important.

Where will the wedding be?

Well, the vendors here got you covered there, too.

“We found venues that we liked,” said Allyssa Bennett, Bride #1 of the Bennett Family.

“A lot of vendors that are willing to help us decorate our wedding and give us options,” said Bennett Bride #2, Stephanie Bennett.

“What to do, what not to do,” replied Allyssa.

Future grooms there with their future wives weren’t left out. They could check out the tuxedos and pocket squares on display, and of course the food.

Caterers showed off their ornate cakes and dining arrangements, and sampled some of their dishes.

All in all, even if wedding planning is new territory for you, the folks at the wedding show are there to lend a hand.

“And they should definitely keep doing events like this, for women that are being brides for the first time, who didn’t know what they’re doing, this helps,” said Stephanie.

And, according to Lundeen, that’s what it’s all about.

“When they leave you can see a certain degree of satisfaction in knowing ‘wow, we found the perfect caterer today’ or ‘I found a gown that I really want’ or ‘entertainment that I really really wanted.’ And I think that’s really neat,” Lundeen said.

If you couldn’t catch this wedding show, the regular Duluth Wedding Show will take place on the second Saturday of January.

So you still have a few months to find “the one.”

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