1918 Marked by More than Just Fire

Presentation at Duluth Public Library Highlights Other Travesties of the Year

DULUTH, Minn.-A presentation took place at the Duluth Public Library tonight to shed some new light on what some call Duluth’s most devastating year, 1918.

Organized by Twin Ports Genealogy, the free event focused on the summer of 1918, when a catastrophic fire burned along the outer edge of Duluth.

Organizers say that the fire overshadows two other terrible parts of the year.

“We tend to focus on the celebration of the fire of 1918,” said Dan Hartman, Director of the Glensheen Mansion, who held the presentation.

“But it’s also the end of World War I, and it’s also the invasion of the Spanish Flu. Which really is almost more catastrophic to the city than the fire was.”

According to Saint Louis Park Historical Society, the Spanish Flu killed over 7,000 Minnesotans in 1918.

It was spread faster due to the concentrations of people helping with the fire.

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