Free Menstrual Supplies Machines Installed In UMD Restrooms

The free menstrual supplies are convenient for students during an emergency of if they don't have the money to purchase the products.

DULUTH, Minn. -Organizations at the University of Minnesota Duluth are collaborating to make getting menstrual products free and convenient for all.

Last spring students at UMD wanted the Student Association to act on an idea.

The idea that restrooms on campus would be equipped with free menstrual products.

By the fall, that idea picked up steam.

Now there are more than 10 restrooms providing students with menstrual supplies.

the machines are located in areas with the most traffic.

“The idea is to build upon this. so, now we have new machines with free supplies in certain spots pm campus. but we definitely want to continue to expand on that, eventually cover all restrooms,” said UMD Student Association President Mike Kenyanya.

The Student Association, Facilities Management, Women’s Resource Action Center and the Commission for Women also are a part of this initiative.

Jade Moorse is a student at UMD and an intern with Women’s Resource Action Center.

In the past some students went to the Women’s Resource and Action Center and had to ask for menstrual supplies.

The products are now available in the men, women’s and gender inclusive bathrooms on campus for anyone and all gender identities.

“Iit’s really important to not just make this a woman based issue, because it’s much more than that,” said Moorse. “There’s a lot of different identities rolling in there and a lot of different spindlings’ to the web.”

Some students tell me they hope this initiative will set the tone for other campus to follow suit.

Harvard University has also adopted this policy and early this summer Scotland became the first country to offer free supplies for women in all educational institutions.

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